How to be Assertive? 4 Ways to Assert Yourself.

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How to Be Assertive

How to Be Assertive

My morning was off to a great start.  The sun was shining, I took a nice stroll through the city and even stopped by to my local coffee shop for breakfast.  As I was waiting patiently in line to pay, a lady quickly made a B-line and cut right in front of me and 8 other people behind me.

Was she blind?  Was she trying to pull a fast one?  Or was it an innocent maneuver?

Being in those awkward situations can be uncomfortable and hard to sort out in an instant.  Part of you wants to tell the person off, while the other part of you wants to not make a big deal and let it role off your back.  But how can you honor both parts of yourself, while also respecting the other person?

If you can relate to this scenario, you are going to LOVE, with a capital L, today’s True Potential TV episode.

How to Be Assertive: Assertive Communication Strategies

I will cover how to be assertive and the 4 ways to assert yourself the next time someone crosses the line…or cuts in front of you in line at the coffee shop.

Enjoy and go out there and assert yourself 🙂

xxoo Andrea

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