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One year ago, I attending an amazing event called the Millionaire Mind Intensive through Peak Potentials.  Similar to Nepoleon Hill’s philosophy outlined in Think and Grow Rich, this training offers tools and exercises that shift your point o view to a millionaire mindset and allow you to remove limiting and blocking beliefs around money.  As also stated in T. Harv Eker’s book The Millionaire Mind, wealthy businessmen and women have a different core belief system than poor and middle-class members of society.  Some of these beliefs include managing money well, acting in spite of fear and being bigger than the problems.  Since the fruits of our labor depend on the roots within yourselves, we must first evaluate the thoughts, feelings and actions that we are taking in general as well as in our daily patterns of behavior around money.  Since fear is one of our major limiting emotions and leads to our inaction, I would like to offer you a challenge exercise to prompt not only an initial shift in your life, but also in your money karma.  Are  you up for the challenge?  For the next week, practice acting in spite of fear, doubt, worry, uncertainty, inconvenience, discomfort or not being in the mood.  Move through your uncomfort zone so you can no longer be restrained by fear.  You will discover that you are bigger than your fear and over time that fear talk will grow quiet.  One thing I have learned in my own life is that if you are not in an uncomfortable place you are not growing.  Some of the most uncomfortable times in my life and often lead to huge strides in my growth.  Now when I or my clients are feeling uncomfortable I celebrate because it means that through this breakdown there will be a tremendous breakthrough.  So start today and push yourself beyond your fear.  The second practice exercise is to assist you in managing your money effectively.  T. Harv Eker suggests dividing up your weekly or bi-weekly income (after taxes) into 5 different bank accounts.   These accounts include setting aside 10% towards education, 10% towards a Financial Freedom Account (business and passive income investments), 10% towards savings (to not be used), 10% towards a play account (for special trips, meals, etc.), 10% towards giving to others, and 50% towards your necessity expenses (rent, utilities, food, gas, etc.).  For the past year, I have been using this particular money management system and it has changed my life.  It has taught me money discipline beyond anything I have ever tried before.  Moreover, due to my commitment to this system my money has grown considerably.  Feel free to write me a comment to see how these strategies change your money kharma too.

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