4 Ways to Spice Up the Sex Life

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sex in marriage

sex in marriage

Do you want a steamy sex life?  Well absolutely, who doesn’t want more affection and passion with his/her partner.

Did you know that according to Sarah Jio’s statistics about sex 84% of women have sex to get their guy to do more around the house; 12% of married people sleep alone; the average person has sex 103 times per year; and 48% of women have faked an orgasm?  Those are shocking statistics!!!

Since statistics also show that a sex life is an important part of a satisfying and fulfilling relationship-both for men and women- let’s talk about the 4 spicy sex secrets that you can start using ASAP that will knock both you and your partner’s socks off.

1. Advice for Men: Foreplay: Get out of your head and focus on the present moment.  Attend to gentle touch, kissing and the passionate thrill of the moment instead of the destination.  Afterplay: Stay away and cuddle afterwards.  Connect emotionally with her afterwards.

2. Advice for Women: Foreplay: Step outside of your comfort zone, connect with physical pleasure and let the sex diva inside come out and play.  Also remember to tell your man what you need and like, because he is not a mindreader.  Afterplay:  First, don’t take it personally if he is tired afterwards.  And secondly, don’t bring up heavy or serious topics afterwards.  Keep in mind that men are hardwired to crash after an orgasm and talking about heavy topics will seriously kill the mood.

2. Be respectful of physical changes in labido and sex drive.  Sometimes after pregnancy, enduring high levels of stress, various life changes and/or alternations in your hormones, ones sex drive can dip.  By reducing stress levels, getting adequate exercise, blocking out time for self-care and quality time with your lover and taking adequate vitamins and nutrients this can help jumpstart your sex drive.

3. Spice Things Up. You can expand your current sexual borders by reading books on sex enhancement or trying a tantric sex course in your local community.

4. Manage Negative Beliefs or Judgments. If you have negative beliefs about your body image you can begin doing affirmations such as: “I am beautiful and sexy.” If you carry any negative beliefs about sex that come from your family of origin or social messages, you can begin challenging those beliefs and redefining what sex can mean for you instead.

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